Thursday, July 4, 2013


Amazing gift of giving

Thank you to all those who donated shoes and warm coats to the 2013 Winter Drive. Your amazing efforts have helped others to have a warmer happier winter .

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Shoe Drive

This year we are being Every Day Heros.

After the huge success of the 'Jacket Drive', in April, we decided to collect shoes to donate to children who may not have warm footwear for winter.
Ms Berry's maths class spent the session sorting and classifying the MASSIVE amount of shoes collected.  Thanks to all those who donated their shoes and coats- YOU ARE AWESOME!

Restoring The Dunes!

The Year 5&6 kids have been working with the Eastbourne Dune Society to learn about, and help restore, the dunes.  Judith McDougal, a founding member of the EDS, came into Room 14 spent time educating us about why native dune plants are so important.  Next a group of ten students from room 14 went to the beach and helped weed and plant out a section of the dunes.  We have actually adopted a section of the beach as our own taonga- it is just in front of the Eastbourne Community Centre.  It was amazing to see the damage that the big storm has caused- Lucky we are going to be helping the EDS, because the clean up is a huge job!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thank you Muritai School Carnival!

After the Muritai School carnival the carnival committee donated  lots of plants and seedlings for our school gardens! We now have colourful livingston daisies to attract monarch butterflies to our butterfly garden, succulents in the dry areas and herbs and vegetables growing in the vegetable gardens.
Thank you to the keen gardening team from year 3 & 4 who gave up their lunchtime to plant and then help the year 1 & 2 students plant and water their seedlings too.
Thank you too to the Muritai School carnival committee!

The Solar Eclipse

Yesterday there was great excitment as we went outside to view a solar eclipse of the sun.
We learned that the word eclipse means move in front of, and the moon was moving across the sky, in front the sun. 
Stan Swan made a viewer  for us with a camera and a  tripod a dentist's mirror partly covered in tin foil. He projected the image of the eclipse on a classroom wall.
We were all able to watch the eclipse with special solar glasses.We know that looking at the sun without solar glasses can damage your eyes!!!!!

Back in the classroom Mr Swan helped us model the eclipse with an apple,an orange and a lemon as the moon,the sun and the earth.

Planting Caterpillar Food

Today Eastbourne scientist Stan Swan visited Room 1 to help us solve the problem of not having enough swan plants in Eastbourne to feed all the caterpillars we are rearing in our school butterfly garden and for the Monarch butterflies to lay their eggs on! 
He bought us little peat pots and lots of swan plant seeds to plant and take home for our own Eastbourne gardens. The pots swelled up like magic when we added water! We poked a seed into each one with our finger.

Monarch caterpillars only eat swan plants! Monarch butterflies only lay their eggs on swan plants too! We need to grow lots and lots of swan plants so the caterpillars will have enough food to grow and pupate into healthy butterflies!
We want to enjoy seeing lots of Monarchs in Eastbourne this summer!
Thank you Mr. Swan!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Room 8's Water Carrier Challenge.

This week our challenge was to design a creative carrier that could carry 1 litre across the playground without spilling or getting tired. See what we came up with!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Year 5&6 Gardeners muck in for summer...

Wednesday... Ms Berry's gardening team went to Mitre 10 mega and gathered all of the ingredients we needed to create new Yr5&6  garden area.

 Preparing the pots

 Adding the soil and potting mix

 courgettes, sweet 100's, scarlet runners, rhubarb.

 The Year 5&6 team...

 The lovely new plants... watch how quickly they spring forth...

 New food scraps bin... next to the 2 new compost bins

 Germinating box is now filled with Scarlett Runners and Butter Bean seeds...

 Soil and strawberry hay for the lovely year 4 strawberry plants.